The International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) is a non-profit organization based on the membership of national associations representing countries around the world together with independent medical associations. The IAAS is recognized as the leading international organization promoting day surgery and providing education and support in this area. In addition to international congresses, the IAAS promotes day surgery through scientific publications, its journal Ambulatory Surgery, clinical studies and website services. Among other initiatives, the IAAS published in 2006 the book “Day Surgery / Development and Practice”.

The IAAS is politically active in working with governmental organizations with the goal of furthering an understanding among government officials of the benefits and advantages of day surgery. A good example of this is the brochure “Policy Brief / Day Surgery: Making it Happen” published in 2007 by the World Health Organization on behalf of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in collaboration with the IAAS. The IAAS has successfully obtained European Union funding for several projects – Day Surgery Data project and daysafe are 2 examples, most recently we have created a successful 2½ day training programme with the aim to train trainers in day surgery in countries with low day surgery rates.

Our quarterly Newsletter is sent directly to over 2500 people across the globe and is also forwarded to members of our national societies.

The IAAS understands that the promotion and delivery of day surgery services is a combined effort from many sectors. Not only are physicians, clinical staff and management directly involved in providing day surgery services but organizations that provide goods, services and other areas of expertise are also essential in supporting this innovative concept. Moreover, day surgery is an expanding market for specialised products, as day surgery is focused on quality of care, cost containment and efficiency. Bearing this in mind, the IAAS has created opportunities by which organizations can participate in the furtherance of the day surgery concept either by becoming a corporate member or by taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities.

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