Saturday 7th November

Free Paper Session

1300 – 14.30

The papers presented were 

Eva VanbelleghemOutpatient hysterectomy: a randomized controlled trial
Vanessa CubasDriving forward the improvement of the provision and documentation of driving advice on discharge following elective day case inguinal hernia repair surgery
Marco Alexandre Lopes PiresNissen Fundoplication in Ambulatory Surgery
Els Van CaelenbergUnanticipated admission after ambulatory surgery in the pediatric population : a single center retrospective analyzes
Carla Isabel FerreiraHip Arthroscopy in the Ambulatory Setting – Our Reality
Fabio SoaresUltra-Compact Ambulatory Surgery Unit (UCASU): a new typology of freestanding venues.
Thibo DegeeterProspective audit on fasting status of  elective ambulatory surgery patients, correlated to gastric ultrasound.
Stephanie Vanden BergheDay surgery of tomorrow: a research towards the communication and collaboration between GP’s and the surgical day hospital
Liu YanDoes Auricular Point sticking and Acupuncture Combined With ERAS Is Helpful To Laparoscopic Single Site Surgery In Gynecological Day Surgery Center?

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