The mission of the IAAS is to promote the worldwide development and growth of high quality ambulatory surgery (day surgery). Day surgery has proven itself to be a high-quality, safe and cost-effective approach to surgical health care. In this light, IAAS members work together to carry out this mission free of partisan spirit and prejudice and are committed to the values of solidarity and equity of access to healthcare.

IAAS believes that:

  • All individuals must have access to safe and quality health care services;
  • Reduction of hospital costs and development of ambulatory surgery free-up resources enabling better overall health coverage and a reduction of health inequalities within the same country and between countries;
  • Benchmarking both in terms of volume and clinical outcomes is an effective way to promote further development of quality and safety;
  • Dissemination of information and exchange of good practices are a key factor to creating synergy and reducing disparities;
  • IAAS initiatives are guided by the spirit of collaboration between member associations and of solidarity with the less wealthy situations and therefore the IAAS is committed to implementing the various tasks on a volunteer basis.

IAAS members advocate for:

  • Health policies that encourage the development of ambulatory surgery as a safe and high quality model of care;
  • Health financing mechanisms and reimbursement schemes that do not hinder the development of ambulatory surgery;
  • Harmonization of information systems based on a set of common indicators that allow benchmarking both at the European and International level.