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Ambulatory Surgery – Strategically Coming Out of the COVID-19 Pandemic
10 minutesWelcome message  – Professor Douglas McWhinnie. IAAS President  
50 minutesModerators: Douglas McWhinnie and Arnold Valedon 
 Impact of COVID-19 on AS development: where we stand and future recovery strategies
 In AustraliaJohn Napoli/Karen McMillan
 In USAProfessor Beverly Philip
 In EuropeMads Moxness
 In AsiaProfessor Zhang
60 minutesModerators: Arnold Valedon and Hidalgo Grau 
 COVID-induced adjustments on the usual pathway for AS patients 
 Pre-operative evaluation: lessons learned and suggested changesBobbi Sweiter (SAMBA President Elect)
 POST-OP Follow up: Do we need to change our paradigm?Carlo Castoro
 Telehealth: Role of Telehealth for the Ambulatory PatientMadhu Ahuja
60 minutesModerators: Hidalgo Grau and Vicente Vieira 
 AS as dynamic and versatile strategy for surgical patients in the post-pandemic Era
 Expected role of COVID vaccination on ASJan Eshuis/Kirsti Lehtonen
 Inclusion of complex surgical procedures – missed oportunity?Corinne Vons
 Post-Discharge monitoring for AS patients and benchmarking of outcomesErik Lithonius
45 minutesModerators: Vicente Vieira and Carlos Magalhães 
 “Out of the Box” Ambulatory Surgery 
 The High-risk patient for AS – time to cross boundariesGirish Joshi
 Closing Message – Carlos Magalhães, IAAS President Elect