Essentially these are the same as the official objectives of the IAAS:

  1. To provide an international multidisciplinary forum for the interchange of information and advancement of day surgery.
  2. To encourage the development and expansion of high quality ambulatory surgery.
  3. To promote education in ambulatory surgery.
  4. To stimulate research into ambulatory surgery and to disseminate the results of the research.
  5. To establish a close relationship with other societies or bodies concerned with ambulatory surgery.
  6. To stimulate the development of national associations of ambulatory surgery and anaesthesia.
  7. To provide a database of information.


Any National Association of Ambulatory Surgery wishing to host a future International Congress should submit a written bid to the IAAS Executive Committee addressed to the President.
Each bid should contain the following information:

  1. Letters of recommendation from National Associations for Surgery and Anaesthesia, and of the city’s municipal authorities
  2. Various details of the suggested congress centre, including number and size of all available meeting rooms, catering facilities and accessibility of the centre
  3. Availability of hotel accommodation
  4. A tentative budget including suggested registration fees
  5. Exhibition space availability


The IAAS General Assembly, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, will consider bids from National Associations for Ambulatory Surgery at a minimum of 3 years prior to the date of the scheduled International Congress. Any provisional acceptance of such a bid will depend on consent from the local organizing chairman that he or she will abide by the conditions and regulations published in these Guidelines.
The Local Organizing Committee, will be invited to present their proposals, usually during a 10-15 minutes presentation, at a meeting of the IAAS General Assembly. At this stage the Local Organizing Committee should outline details of the site chosen for the Congress. Any costs incurred by these presentations will be born by the presenters. A vote will be taken by the GA to select a successful applicant according to the rules laid down in the IAAS Constitution.