The process for completing assessment of the hospitals.

Each hospital was asked to complete a preliminary questionnaire – Download here

The 8 hospitals were then visited over two days in October 2019 by members of the IAAS Executive Committee and members of HAAS. They were asked to review following an agreed format – Download template

The experts also attempted to gain an idea about any barriers in the system that would prevent the move to day surgery. This was a formal part of the project and a separate questionnaire was circulated to hospitals across Hungary looking at potential barriers. Barriers QUESTIONNAIRE

Following the visits a formal report was provided for the Ministry of Health and feedback provided to each Hospital. 

The outcome from this part of the project was used to define the next stages of the project – given the level of performance of day surgery at each of the hospitals it was decided to hold an educational event in December concentrating on education about the Day Surgery Pathway.

Each hospital was asked to send a multidisciplinary team to the training day – specifically managers, surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses.

The IAAS prepared a Day Surgery Pathway booklet for the day that was translated into Hungarian and presented at the training day.