This training day was held on 27th February 2020 and included

  • review progress on the previous agreed plans with each hospital
  • provide advice on dealing with any blocks they have encountered
  • challenge the teams with further planning on developing their day surgery pathway

The educational element was based on findings from the first training day 

  • The first was the current use of routine preoperative testing on patients including both blood tests and chest X-ray. These have long been abandoned in most countries and so we will provide some focus training on this at the next training day.
  • Next was the lack of use of the WHO Checklist. Patient safety is fundamental to all surgical practice, our aim in day surgery is to act as leaders in promoting safer surgery. We have therefore challenged each unit to develop their use of this important process.
  • Another topic was around successful anaesthesia in day surgery. The comment being that lack of identification of day cases led to inappropriate anaesthesia techniques being used. We believe that this type of anaesthesia should be used for all patients.
  • Finally, the discharge process and enabling nursing staff to use criteria-based discharge process was a major topic. This facilitates the day surgery pathway.

8: 30 – 9: 00 Registration

9: 00 – 9: 10      Opening: Doug McWhinnie, Pál Gabriella, Gamal Mohamed

9: 10 – 9: 40      Doug McWhinnie: Patient safety on the ambulatory surgery pathway

9: 40 – 10: 10   Ian Jackson: Safe and cost-effective preoperative investigations

10: 10 – 10: 30 Coffee break

10: 30 – 12: 00 Discussions of outbreak groups: 

Anaesthetic, guided by: Jan Eshuis (IAAS):   Day Case Anaesthesia and Discharge Analgesia-Keep it Simple!

HAAS expert: Zsolt Iványi

Protocol Based Discharge Criteria, guided by: Ian Jackson (IAAS)

HAAS Expert: Janecskó Mária, Göböl Zsolt

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Conversion to Day Surgery, guided by: Doug McWhinnie,

HAAS expert: Mészáros János,  Gamal Mohamed

IAAS Expert: Luc Van Outryve

12: 00 – 12: 45  Lunch

12: 45 – 14: 15  Interactive workshops (re-arrangement of the large Meeting Room to have separate desk for each hospital,)

14: 15 – 15: 35  Action plan presentations for each hospital (5 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion) 

15: 35               Closure