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2nd Iberoamerica 2023

“The future of AS in Latin America will be a success”

The 2nd IAAS Iberoamerica2023 Congress took place in an online format, with the main

objective being the implementation, promotion and expansion of surgery performed on an

outpatient basis, in Latin American countries. With the grant of IAAS it was organized by


IAAS intends to expand and extend Ambulatory Surgery (AS) as much as possible to all

countries worldwide, as we all know that the best way to treat the vast majority of our

patients, who require surgical intervention, will be through the outpatient pathway.

The Latin American region is made up of a large number of countries, united by several

common points, namely language, being identified by the IAAS as one of the areas of the globe

with the greatest potential for growth of AS.

There were present 173 participants, from 14 countries, including medical professionals from

different specialities, nurses and hospital administrators.

Participants had the opportunity to interact between the 2 rooms of the Congress, choosing

the topics that aroused their greatest interest.

15 round tables were held and 57 lectures were presented, on the topics selected by the

Scientific Committee, whose President was Dr. Frederico Branco, Urology specialist, from the

city of Porto, to whom we thank all the commitment, involvement and contribution to the

enormous success of this Congress.

At the end of the day, a session of best Posters was held, where the 5 best papers were


The outcome of this Congress was frankly positive and we all hope that it will have a very

positive impact, so that in the near future many countries and hospital units, will include

programs related to AS in their medical and surgical assistance programs, thus enhancing and

making available all its advantages to everyone involved in the AS process.


Carlos Magalhães

IAAS President


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